Colorsource 40AV becomes sluggish, then stops working

Was running cues and playbacks on all- incandescent fixtures using Colorsource 40AV. Console sarted having slow response, then stopped working. Full power cycle resolved the issue, but what could cause this? Is there any sort of mode or human error that could explain this?

  • First of all, check your software version and consider updating.
    We've made many fixes and performance improvements over the years.

    Latest software release is on this page:
    Newest is v3.3.0 at time of writing)

    If it's already up to date then this could be the console overheating.
    If it gets too hot then it will slow down to protect itself, eventually going so slow that it may appear to have frozen.

    Assuming the ambient environment is relatively comfortable and the console isn't getting heated by direct sunlight or a luminaire, you may wish to check the heatsink inside.

    There's a small copper heatspreader inside to keep the CPU cool, accessed by removing the bottom covers - not the rear!
    It screws to the rear panel and CPU board with thermal pads. If any of them are loose or missing then the CPU may overheat.

    If overheating seems likely, ETC technical service or your local ETC dealer can help resolve it.