Showtec Phantom 130

I have 4 x Showtec Phantom 130 moving heads and would like to use the documented feature to allow the head to move before it fades in for scenes where the movement of the beam is not wanted. ( I currently create extra scenes in between to move the heads in blackout) But there is a documented feature to do this in the manual, can it be added to the fixture profile?

Thanks Brian

  • Hi ,

    Moving while dark is a function of the console not of the fixture profile. The fixture would have no way to know whether you intended it to be on or off while moving unless you told it to do so.You didn't provide a copy of the manual where that feature is documented, so I am presuming that the fixture firmware doesn't fade out the light, move, and fade back up the light on its own. Your current solution of turning off the lights in the previous cue to allow them to move before turning them on again is the best way to accomplish this behaviour.

  • in the 16 address mode there is this control channel (address 15), i think OP is looking for the 8-15 range.

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