Chauvet Slimbank T18 USB 13ch Mode for Colorsource AV20

Hi, the console (running 3.1) currently has the above fixture in the library with 3, 5 and 9 channel modes available. Unfortunately it doesn't have the 13ch mode and that's the one the lights are set in and they are too high up to change efficiently. Could the 13ch Mode be added please?


  • 13-channel mode is a "multicell" mode, which ColorSource console does not support.  

    To control these lights in 13-channel mode, you would need to patch 3 successive Generic - LED RGB 8b profiles, then create a custom profile for the Auto Programs - Speed/Sound - Dimmer - Strobe parameters.

    Or, if you can manage without the Auto programs and Speed/Sound controls, you can use a Generic Dimmer Strobe for the last two parameters.  I've attached a sample showfile for controlling this fixture in that way, if it were patched starting with DMX address 1:

    You will have to be a little tricky and know to bring up Intensity of Channel 4 as well as Intensity of Channels 1-2-3 in order to control the overall intensity.