Fixture Profile Request for a GLP, JDC1

Hi there we have a upcoming event and I need fixture Profile for a GLP - JDC1

or is there is a similar profile that we can use it is for a Highschool production. 

These fixtures are being used but don't see it in the most resent fixture update. 

Oh the Desk is a Colorsource AV20


  • This fixture is not included in the ColorSource fixture library because it is a "multi-cell" fixture - even in Compressed mode, it essentially consists of two individual strobe lights in one package.

    In order to use this light with the ColorSource console, you would need to create a custom profile using the offline Personality Editor, available here: ColorSource Consoles  The Personality Editor includes instructions for creating custom personalities.  

    For the "main" personality, you'll skip DMX addresses 8,9,10, and 11.  Then, in the console, you can patch an Atomic 3000 as the "secondary" device using those addresses.  This will trigger a warning message in the Patch screen, but you can safely ignore it.

    For a given fixture, Channel 1 might be the "main" personality and Channel 2 would be the "secondary" device.  I'm not sure, but I think you will have to have intensity of Channel 1 on to actually see light come out of Channel 2.  Hopefully that makes sense.

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