Channel Patching Multiple Fixtures

I am trying to wire up multiple LED walls into a Colorsource 20 and I am concerned that I will run out of physical faders for all of my fixtures. Is there a way to patch multiple fixtures into one physical fader. I want to be able to change the colors of our RGB LED strips in batch and record a playback of all the wall colors to one fader. I know how to create playback memories, but I'm worried about not having enough physical real estate. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • In current software (v3.1.1), both sizes of ColorSource console are limited to 80 channels - 80 individual things you can control.  You can control more physical fixtures than that in a couple of ways, but you will sacrifice individual control - 

    1. You can repeat and duplicate the address of your strips - make lots of them Address 1, say

    2. In ColorSource, you can add many devices, then change them to use the same channel.  This will show you a Conflict message, but you can ignore that - it will control all the channels 1 at the same time:


    You would not be able to gang a bunch of lights together in control, create a color palette / playback for them, then un-gang the fixtures and have them play back that color.