Fixture Request

Hello I am looking for the Basic and Extended Profiles for the Martin Rush MH 10 Beam FX. 

  • We do not currently have this profile in the ColorSource library.  Assuming you mean this one: rush-mh-10-beam-fx-user-manual  it is not possible to add to the ColorSource console at this time, because it is a "multicell" fixture, in that the ring of LEDs can be controlled separately from the interior of the fixture.  

    In ColorSource a channel can only have one "set of" Intensity & Color Mixing parameters.

    As a small fader-per-channel console, it doesn't support the multicell "subchannels" feature of the bigger Eos, Hog4 (and Cobalt) consoles.

    You could create this profile for yourself be breaking it up into two different channels, one for the Beam section (addresses 1-15) and a second for the Ring Section (addresses 16-24).  The ColorSource Personality Editor v1.1.1 is available to download from ColorSource Consoles Software page and includes instructions for using the Editor.