CHAUVET DJ COLORband Q3BT, can’t find in library

I was not able to find the COLORband Q3BT in my ColorSource 20 device library. I took a look through the library updates online but did not see my specific COLORband in them. 

What confuses me further is that there is another post in this forum about updating the Q3BT profile due to inaccurate channel modes. How do they have it in their library when I don’t?  

I have not updated the firmware, though shouldn’t I have seen the Q3BT listed as an option in the updated library download online?  What are my options to be able to control this fixture?

  • UPDATE:  I went ahead with the latest firmware update.  Everything still works great.  I also downloaded the latest library update, I was able to find the Q3BT with some due diligence.  It didn’t show up immediately for me, I was only able to find it through the search box and not in the main library.  Not sure what that was about.  The issue of not being able to find it is now resolved, though another has arisen: there are only two different channel modes (4CH or 6CH) when there should be three (a 16CH mode). 

    This thread may be a waste of space now, it may be deleted unless it could be considered useful to someone else. I will now be requesting a 16CH mode in a new thread.