Colorsource 40 defaults

How are defaults for position, color and beam set? In our venue, we’ve created a base file from which every other show file is built from, but every time we open it anew, the positions home to straight down, the beam is wide open and the color is set to one we never use. I’d like not tp have to reset every parameter for each show. 

  • Could this be because, when you open a file, all of the parameters are set to a "0" value as none are active. So a moving head for instance would be set to straight down if hung in a rig, and any intensity and colour values will also default to "0".

    An easy way to have a home default could be to set up a set of Playbacks with the values you want on the default show file, and then save alternate states using the values saved from this?

  • Thanks for the response. The first part of your answer is correct, I believe, and that’ makes sense. Moving heads would logically start straight down if they’re not active and no playbacks are engaged. I guess my question then would be, why does the color not also go to ‘0’ for all RGBAW values, rather than the light blue that we currently have? 

    We’ve created a default show file with the parameter values set, and that’s the file that still reverts to ‘0’ home settings. I can get position and beam to lock in, but color still reverts to a color that’s apparently set, somewhere, as a default. The default show file solves some of the problems, but not all.