Hi all.

I've got some questions again about Effects, Channel Sets and other stuff.

So I'm using some Eurolite LED Pix-16TCL Bar 48ch that are on stage in a vertical position with channel ##.1 at the top. I´ve create 2 Groups (Left and Right) starting ##.1 until ##.16 for the "cells". The LD wants some Effects with this leds like a Strobe for instance but to that I've got to make a Chase with the master channel of each led bar. The Dynamics Effects with Intensity parameters doesn´t do nothing to with the led "cells" so I've got to use and create some Dynamic Templates with the RGB parameters to do what he wants. And now the questions:

- Why the effects with Intensity doesn't work?? It's only with this LED bar or with all that works on a RGB mode only??

- Why all Dinamics Effects I use start at the bottom of the led bar when the Groups start at the top?? How can I invert this without have to make another Group starting at the bottom?? this will that some time because I've to select channel by channel in that order. Even if I use the Channel Set this happen.

- On the Dynamic Effects how can I use an OffsetRel higher than 1:9??? This are 16 cells in each Led bar and I want to try to use an OffsetRel of 1:18.

- After create a Channel Set I selected and Copy/Paste that Channel Set. I what the same order channels but less parts so I click on the parts number to change that and it appears the wizard window without channels there. So I've got to put again all channels I want and the Parts number. Basically I have to do a new Channel Set instead of just changing the Parts number. Why can´t we just change this number?? I tinhk that maybe the Copy/Paste function is not needed here.

- Please please for when the UPS key???? Ask this again because after I create the perfect Channel Set I start to delete others that no longer need and it just take a little distraction, someone call me from stage for a question, and I delete the perfect Channel Set. So I've got to take some time of my dinner time to do everything again. An Undo key it solve this problem/distraction and i will had some time to eat better.


Thanks in advance


Pedro Alves

  • At the moment Dynamic Effects can't drive any of the "virtual" parameters.
    Unfortunately this means that Intensity dynamics only work on devices and dimmers that have a real Intensity parameter, and not on those using virtual Intensity (Fade-With-Intensity).
    We intend to correct this limitation in a future version.

    For the time being, you can use Chase, Content or Image Effects instead.

    I find Content Effects the most useful for effects on Intensity. It's very fast to build sparkles, strobing and sweeps.
    I've had a lot of fun with pixel LED tape :)
  • Richard, has this been corrected in 8.2? I'm not near a desk right now but I couldn't run Int Dynamics last week, nor the Intensity Content effect that's pre-loaded, with some FWI generic RGB fixtures. 

  • Dynamic Effects still need a 'real' Intensity to work on in v8.2.

    At present the simplest workaround is to patch a Dimmer to the same desk channel and an unused DMX output.

    I've used the pre-loaded Intensity Content Effect series with with LED pixel tape very often in both v7.3.1 and v8.2. It works well - setting Release to something like 10 sec on a long pixel tape makes a rather nice snake effect Slight smile

    - Note that the "Home" for GrpParts is 1, which just turns them all on. You'll need to set GrpParts higher for the preloaded Intensity series to do anything much.


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