cobalt nomad on mac osx

Hi, I have a congo jr (7.3.1) with 3076 outputs, and a nomad usb dongle with 2048 outputs,
so I need to operate a system with 32 universes but with a low need number of patched channels shared to 32 universes
my board can share just 12 universes, I now that I can use my board as client with my computer as server (with the dongle nomad) to have the 32 universes that i need and the flexibility of the console
but my computer is a mac OS X(10.12.6) and I can't connect my console as client on my mac for some reason
actually the client option does not appear in start up screen of congo jr.(I have tried the same connection in a windows based computer and it works fine)
the version of the cobalt software on my mac is 7.3.1 also....
Any solution for client connection on mac server? or any idea of how can I expand the number of my boards universes?