Gamepad for Nomad.

Hello! Wanted to share a little project I have been working on since Trackball P/T came in V8.0.1

First I wanted to have it as a remote focus tool but the Trackball P/T can't be activated remotely as it looks today but the concept works locally to, with joysticks for focus, buttons for highlight, next, last, all, home and so on. good to have if you have a laptop and no encoders.

I got my self a Controller:***-frostbite-gamepad-p61887

And then I needed a program to map the buttons and joysticks. I found one on Steam, called Controller Companion. 

The settings are saved and you can set the program to start at startup and at cobalt start it loads the settings for the gamepad. The setting in the picture is just a test. but it works good.

What you need to do is activate the Trackball P/T on screen, and then you can use the controller to focus the lights.

Any questions?


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