feature request: S1-3 and U1-3 in Default play


I have a fixed rig and Have made a Magic sheet for focusing our front light. For the shutters I have put them on U1, U2 and U3 because the default beam setup is bad. If I press U1 I get Shape 1 in, Shape 1 rot, Shape 2 in and shape 2 rot. 3 and 4 on U2 and on U3 I have focus, zoom iris and shape rot. (ADB Warps)

Default is Page 1: Zoom, Iris, Focus Shape 1 in

page 2: Shape 1 rot, Shape 2 in, Shape 2 rot, Shape 3 in.

Page 3: shape 3 rot, shape 4 in, shape 4 rot, all rot.

With this setup I can click on my MS and get the right part on the encoders. without needing to step thru all pages to focus one blade.

But this do not save in a Default play now and makes it almost useless when I need to do the setup on each new showfile I make from Default.

OR: Make the templates editable so that we can change the order the attributes show up in encoder display for the template.

And About Default wizard:

A Mark all, so I then can deselect what I don't want.

And that's not important but it always opens in settings tab 2 for me.


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