What Macros do you build/use?

I am curious about what Macros programmers are building and using for Cobalt.  To be specific, I am not talking about Action Macros, but regular macros.

I realize that I use hardly any macros.  Mostly, I find that I don't build macros because I don't have many commands that are more button presses than calling a macro.

For example, I took over a show on an EOS platform.  There were macros for {Home Color} & {Save with autoblock clean-up}.  There were some macros for grabbing fixtures and putting them in a couple of basic focus looks.  There was a start-up & shutdown macro.

Now, I choose not to use a start-up or shutdown macro, because the act of running through the operations keeps all of the channels and/or outputs to turn on fresh in my mind.  I did build a start-up and shutdown macro for one venue when I was setting up a system for them.

The home color macro was a real time saver on the Ion XE that I was working on, but obviously on Cobalt it isn't needed.  We don't have to worry about Auto-Block, so not needed either.