DMX off 8,2


I have cobalt V8.1.1 on my mac book pro (10,13,6) and every works good.

I installed the last version of cobalt (8,2) and my DMX doesn't work.I mean cobalt lunch good and everything looks good, but when I plug DMX (gadget) on my wash, nothing do, I can't control it.

if i change the version and go back on 8.1.1 all work good. I use the same project csf, i'm sure about the template of my wash.

Maybee I make an error when I install !? Before installing, I delete the folder cobalt in application's folder and I lunch the install file.

Thanks for your help

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  • It's in the Cobalt software install if it's needed. It feels like it's missing when you can use it on 8.1 but not 8.2. 

    Maybe the computer finds it when it's plugged in during install. It can be that I'm wrong but it do not hurt to try.

    I had trubble with output and Gadget 2 on PC, where  a restart with it plugged in helped. I did not find it in 8.2 or in EOS 2.9. Had to go in to Hog4PC and assign the ports and after that it worked in Cobalt and EOS.  It was like the computer didn't find it properly. 

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