RDM and my problems with it.

So RDM in V8.2. What's up with that?

1. Why can't I turn it off? I have turned it off in console settings but the orange square keep flashing in my corner. I had a crash because of another thing and when I did a restore the RDM was off. But now after a re-image of my JR it's back on even if the settings say off. I should not have to crash my console to turn it off. That flashing square is a stress thing in the corner of my eye. Please get it to stop.

2. The patching. I talked about this before. It's a mess. you can't connect RDM fixtures to patched devices making it a problem if I re- number my fixtures outside of RDM (On the fixture it self) I then get a Mishmash error and have to delete the fixture in device list before I give them a channel number in RDM device list. Loosing all by fixture pallets connection in the processes. I then have to re load the pallets from a older save. Same if you make a pre-patch and programming you can then not connect your devices to the RDM devices. 

3. The refreshing of windows. When looking on sensors thru RDM and trying to sort in RDM device list the console keep refreshing the windows reseting them to default sizes and moving the marker back to top left. 


  • It sounds like you're only turning off RDM on the local DMX ports, not for the console.
    If you only turn off the local ports, any RDM-capable Gateways will still be active.

    Browser > General Settings > Console Settings > General "RDM Discovery Enabled"

    2. I'm not sure what you're actually doing here. This is one of the things we improved in v8.

    In 8.2 the console attempts to match your patch to discovered RDM devices and links them automatically.
    However it doesn't do this very well as many manufacturers don't publish the data we need to do it properly.

    To refresh or manually change the linking, you do this from the RDM Device list by re-assigning the (same) desk channel number.

    We are planning to create an RDM Patch Wizard to help with linking and re-linking in a future release, as currently it is very slow to re-link them one at a time.

    3 is a long standing known issue (since around v5) that's on the list for a future version.

  • I turn it off in console settings. As you see in picture RDM is off (from start) and still it flashes in the corner, I can patch and so on in RDM device list. I have talked to Anders about this many times. 

    No it's not 8.2 news but I use 8.2 and as you say it's been around a wile now. I feel it should work by now. 

    When I do reassign same number I get a error that it is a taken number. On my photo it is my ColorSource Par ch422 that lost contact with the RDM patch but are patched in the device list. I can't just give it the 422 in RDM Device List witout first unpatching it in device list.