Hi all

The situation is this:

I've got 3 Sequences (2+3+4) on 3 Masters (6+7+8)  and the master keys of those masters are the Go for those Sequences. I'm usingI MIDI with QLAB connect to my Congo Jr with Cobalt v7.3.1. So I can make the QLAB press the GO on the Main Sequence but what I NEED is to press those master keys to do the GO on each Sequence, but until now I can't do that so if someone can HELP ME I'll pay a beer (if you came to Portugal of course)

What I have to do on the QLAB and on the console???

Why the Go on the Main Playback is so easy but to press another key is very complicated???


I've got the premiere today at night and only have a few hours on the afternoon to solve this problem...

Pedro Alves

a desperate light technician

  • The Main Playback is tied to MSC Go/Pause/Resume commands. You could send MIDI Notes from QLAB to your Congo Jr to trigger the Master Keys of the Masters.

    See the MIDI Appendix in the help system for specific implementation details on which MIDI Note and velocity correspond to which master key.

    Alternately, you could have a step in your sequence link to a master or action macro to trigger the additional sequences.

  • Please note that if you are sending MIDI notes for press buttons, you need to send a NOTE ON message to press the button and a NOTE OFF message to release the button.

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