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Hi all

I don't know where to put this post but the problem happen with Cobalt software so....

A few days ago I had an EOS show to use on a Cobalt v7.3.1. So using the EOS offline I export that show to an ASC file. But when I open that file on a Congo Jr with Cobalt the blue window of the ETC appear and the console had to reboot. I use the same file on my laptop, Win10, and using the Cobalt V7.3.1 or the V8.2 the ETC software just shutdown. Now sorry guys but i use the same file with the offline of the MA2 and everything works fine.

After a few attempts and using the recover file after the crash the show appears and work fine on my PC. After this I tested this recovery file on the console and it works normally. I send 2 logs files of the crashes and the file that I convert from EOS software to try to help to see what it might be the problem.



Pedro Alves

P.S.: this new thing of offline cobalt doesn't read the USB pen is "very complicated" because we have to make a lot of copy and pastes to the usb pen that the laptop recognize

  • Hi ,

    There are some known issues when exporting USITT ASCII files from Eos to import into Cobalt. This is mostly related to the use of manufacturer specific keywords (items in the ASCII file that start with $ or $$) that are the same keyword but relate to different data internally.

    Your local ETC Tech Services has a tool that can help with this conversion if you send them the show file (or you can email it to cobalt (at) etcconnect (dot) com).

    Here is a version of your original show file run through that conversion:


  • Thank you starksk for the convertion of the show.

    about the problem with the usb pen do you know how to solve this?? the copy/paste solution is what already do.