OSC directselect


I work on my remote OSC with cobalt 1.4 on my Mac and I have a problem with directselect.

I use this code "/cobalt/key/DirectSelect1" and when I push I select my The fist Directselect (Group 1 spot)

but if I use this code "/cobalt/key/DirectSelect11" the Directselect11 is not selected !?

I create 40 push with connection directselect1...40, 1 to 10 work good, 11 to 40 don't

Any Idea about this problem ?

  • Which software version are you on?

    key/DirectSelectX are old Congo buttons and does not work as you expect.

    You should use /cobalt/directselect/<page>/<block>/<item> instead. Page is the number of the page (1-5), block is the number of the block (1-4) and item is the item number (1-max item).