Cobalt 8.1/8.2 Nomad on OSX Mojave

Hi everybody!

I got Cobalt Nomad 8.2 installed on a MacBook pro running under OSX Mojave. Got some midi stuff connected to and I use a Luminex Node for the DMX output. Theorically speaking all works fine. Until yesterday with a show... I've encountered a uge problem with the DMX speed output... All the lights fade with steps... not on the display but on stage.
> It was not the DMX network of the theatre
> I've try to restart the node and the computer
> USB-c/RJ45 adapter changed
> ...

So, I figured it was a problem with Mojave and by chance I got an older Mac running HighSierra and guess what? NO PROBLEM AT ALL!!

Is there anyone here who has encountered such an issue?

Best wishes