copy the same palette in all my show cue


which is the easy and faster way to copy the same focus pallete on all the cue?

I means, in any different theatre I have to change focus pallete because because the focus is different. Once record the right position for my focus pallate how can I record in all my cues?

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  • If you have created your cues and/or presets with the focus palette, the cue references the updated palette when it plays back without you having to do anything else.

    Referenced data is very important.  The console stores the reference for the devices in the cues.  So, the cue doesn’t have pan/tilt values stored, it has a reminder to go get the values from the focus palette that is referenced.  If you change a value and record or update a cue, the reference gets broken for the attribute that is changed.  If you change a value and update the palette, then the reference is updated and unbroken.

    if you didn’t initially record your cues with a focus palette, you have more work to do.  If all of your cues are in the main playback, you can go to the first cue and put your devices in the correct palette and then use [UPDATE] & [ATTRIB] to track the change through the cues until there is a changed value already recorded.  Then at that cue, you will need to do the process again.  Once you have worked your way through your whole sequence, you won’t have to do it again, because you will have replaced hard values with referenced palettes.

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