Cobalt Nomad with OSX Catalina

Hi there,

Anyone here has tested the use of Cobalt Nomad 8.2 with OSX Catalina? Any issues or bug? 



  • Cobalt 8.2.0 does not support macOS Catalina due to some of the third-party support libraries and drivers.

  • Hi thanks for answering.

    I have a Cobalt 8.2 installed on my mac (osx mojave) and I got issues with the ArtNet (also sACN). All dimmers or led fixtures (I have no moving heads) are rendering the light output not in a smooth way (as expected ;-)) but with steps in the intensity.

    I have check with several ethernet adapters – no change

    I have install EOS – no problem

    Is there a known issue between Cobalt 8.2 and Mojave?

    Have a nice day!