Congo Jr Backup not functioning.

HI all, 

At one of our most locations, the backup console (Congo Jr.) will not seem to "Fully connect" to the main console (also a Congo Jr.) 

What will happen is, the main Congo  will boot up just fine and load the file, then when the backup console will boot, it will see the session already running.  I will join the session, then from there the screen will remain blank.  On top of that, the main console will not see that another user has joined the session.  

I have checked to make sure no network setting have been changed, and both IP addressees and Subnet masks are within the same range. Since I am fairly new to the world of cobalt and Congo, I am unsure where to proceed from here. 

  • First, this is worth a call to ETC Tech Support.  They can talk through issues better and faster than the forums.

    What version Cobalt software are you running?  I am assuming that you are running Cobalt v8 of some kind.  If you are running v7, none of what follows will apply.

    Have you tried starting the back-up by itself and seeing if it boots all the way?  It will be a master console.  You could then try starting your "main" Congo Jr and joining the session?

    When you start the back-up Congo Jr, what color is the "Join Session" box?  Is it purple or red?  If it is red, something is incompatible, but the console sees that there is another console in a session.

    Next thing to check, is do both consoles have the same software build?  They both MUST be the same version.  This is displayed at the top of the Welcome Screen.  The current version is  If you haven't upgraded from an earlier version of v8, I highly recommend that you do.  V8.2 is much more stable than the earlier versions of v8.

    Are both consoles trying to join the same session as defined in the Session tab of the Settings screen?  They should be.

    I am running multi-console all of the time and haven't had problems with my set-up.  If I don't get the "Join Session" box, it has always been a physical infrastructure problem.  If the "Join Session" box comes up red, it has been because I haven't updated the console.

    Good luck,