Hi all

Next Wednesday (05/02/2020) we will receive a laser projector for a show that has is opening on the Tuesday (after). One of the problems is that I can't find the template for that laser. It's from LaserWorld and the model is DS-2000RGB and I send what I found about this laser.


I just update the library with the last Library Update v16.0.0 on all our consoles and I saw that  this laser isn't there. There is one that is DS-3000RGB but it seems very diferent of what we need.

The BIG PROBLEM  is that, unlike the GLP Fusion Par that I ask on the Forum (Fixtures Requests - Cobalt Family and that is a easier template to redo and already do that), this laser has some things that I don't know how to create on the library template. The LD wants to use this laser on the Profissional Mode.

I hope this file that I found helps to someone create this template.

Please, please someone help with this template

Thanks in advance

Pedro Alves