MIDI and Client console

Hi all.

We've got a Congo and a Congo Jr with Cobalt v7.3.6.1and normally the Jr is the backup of the Congo. Now we've got a show that needs a connection with the sound console to trigger some sequence steps via MIDI but the main console (the Congo) is far from the sound console. So I put the Jr next to sound console and used it not as a backup but as a Client.

Almost everything work fine and I say almost because when the Jr is in the Client mode the MIDI that cames from Sound doesn't work. As soon I change the Jr  to Server and the Congo to Client the MIDI triggers the Go like we need. I don't like to do the show with Congo as Client so my question is....

Is it normal that in the Client mode the MIDI doesn't work at all??????

The sound guys are trying to arrange a big MIDI cable to connect to the Congo but until that happen I've got to work in a "bad" way for me.

Pedro Alves