USB saving issue with etcnomad cobalt 7 and 8 softwares


I have installed on my MacBook Pro, underMojave, softwares cobalt 7 and 8, and both encountered some issues when I want to save to the usb. Just that or even with Cobalt 8, export ascii light cues in the usb. And I need to have ascii files. 

It doesn't work. It says in the the red field : "Media full or unavailable. Show not saved" or "none memory available".

I think the reason why is that in the about cobalt, at the networking area, the usb path is not correct, so, it doesn't recognizes the key. 

So, how tell the software where the key really is ?

Another question is : does cobalt v8 work with Catalina ?

Hope that someone will answer me.

Thank you.

  • Hi ,

    There is a known issue in Cobalt for ETCnomad Mac where it doesn't correctly know the location of the USB drive. This will be resolved in a future update, but at the moment, the work around is to save to the hard drive and then copy to the USB.

    As for Catalina support, this is something that we're aware of, but is not currently available.

  • Hi starksk,

    Ok. For hours that I'm searching how to fix that...

    Thank you for your answer !