Sanity Check on New Cobalt/Nomad System

Greetings, I'm in the process of setting up a new system to run Cobalt via Nomad and wanted to get a sanity check on this to make sure I'm not missing anything or making any incorrect assumptions.

I've already got my 12 Universe Key for Nomad along with a Universal Fader Wing - both of which previously ran on a ThinkPad laptop which finally gave out this year.  My goal is to replace the PC with an iMac (likely 21.5") since the rest of my business computers/tablets are that way I can double-purpose with QLab.  Since to my understanding the Universal Fader Wing can only be used with Cobalt on Windows I'd Boot Camp the iMac to run Nomad on Windows 10 with the wing and either ArtNet or my Gadget II for DMX output. 

My question - does anyone see any issues with carrying out the above plan?  Namely I'm looking for unseen compatibility issues, but any input will be much appreciated!



  • Hi Jeff,

    this should work as long as you run Windows via Bootcamp.



  • As stated, it works over windows bootcamp... but then you loose the ability to use Qlab and Cobalt. I would look in the the option to get a NUC or another not so expensive computer for Nomad so that you can run Cobalt and Qlab at the same time. It is not so handy with two softwares you payed for that works good together and you can't use them at the same time.

    And with it on a pc you can look at HOG4 and EOS (Eos is mac to, but not HOG4) to learn new things for the day Cobalt is no more. All three softwares have good OSC options and specially Eos have some nice premade apps for ipads/Tablets and phones like oscRFR so you can test without the need for a wing..

  • Thanks for both of the replies!  I should mention too that this would be an Intel-based iMac so as to avoid the lack of Bootcamp and other compatibility issues with the upcoming Apple Silicon processors.  I also understand that this would be an either/or thing in regards to Cobalt on Windows and QLab since both wouldn't be able to run at the same time.  That's not really a problem for me since I typically do audio playback from a Macbook Pro, but the more redundancy I can build into my infrastructure the better! 

    I'm also not quite ready to give up Cobalt just yet.  In addition to Nomad I also own a Congo Kid which has been a wonderful little console for me.  When the time comes to retire that I'll have to make the choice between Hog4 and MA3, but for right now I'm still a happy Cobalt user.  Thanks again for the suggestions!