Go on Main Playback skips sequence steps

I’m running a Cobalt 10 with the latest software. Started tech this week and every once in a while when we press Go on the Main Playback it skips a step in the sequence. It is not regular (happening the same step every time), but in two runs it skipped about a dozen times per run. I moved the sequence into a Master Playback and can run the show from that without any issue, but would like to know what the cause is. I asked my board op from the last show and he said it happened a few times during that run, but it wasn’t detrimental to the show so he wasn’t worried about it. Any suggestions?

  • I had three thoughts.

    1.)  Run the face panel test to see if the "Go" button is registering one press as two.  It may take awhile to run that test and see an acurate response.  I think that most likely this is the culprit.

    2.)  Do you have an external keyboard attached that might be causing some issues?

    3.)  Do you have a back-up of any sort connected via the network that might be acting up?  Maybe a Nomad remote set-up somewhere that is causing some issues?

    Good luck!