Chauvet MK2 Pixel animation effect

We recently got some Chauvet MK2 washes.  I have them in 68 channel standard mode. I was trying to run an animation effect on them but couldn't get anything to work.  I created an effect layout with the proper dimensions. I first tried using the pixel icon to insert the channel numbers, but this didn't grab the entire fixture like selecting the channel number in the programmer.  I made individual groups for each fixture and tried inserting them that was as well, nothing.  Anyone else have problems doing animations on multi-celled fixtures?

  • It sounds like you're building an effect using multicell fixtures:

    x.0 is the "global" (Main or Master Intensity, global controls etc) of a multicell fixture.
    In most cases this should not be in your Effect Layout, but does need to be 'on' for the pixels to come on.

    The Effect Layout should be filled out with the cells (pixels) of the fixture - the x.1, x.2 etc, laid out as they are on the real thing.
    Note that some fixtures have cells of varying types, eg Macro cells that probably don't want to go in your effect layout.