Chauvet R2X Wash Color calibration

The Chauvet R2X Wash template does not have any color calibration data in the current library.  EOS has the color calibration in its library file.

Is there a plan to bring the Cobalt Templates up to date with the EOS libraries? 

I thought that the calibration data was the same for both consoles.  It would be nice to be able to use the color picker without the console ignoring the white!


  • Is there anyway of linking fixtures like this that have RGBW to the Generic RGBW file as opposed to the RGB?

    If I build a new fixture from the Generic RGBW 16bit file and add the other attributes, I can have the color picker adjust white.  But I can't do this if I am using the multipart version of the fixture because the pixel control is RGB not RGBW.