Can COBALT send Preset numbers and text over OSC?

Can COBALT send Preset numbers and text over OSC? I am using an app called Stamp (if you don’t know it, go check it out at and I need the cues to come in over OSC. Preferably I want to be able to recognize the Sequence number, Preset or Cue number and the Text of the preset or the cue.

  • Apologies for the delay in responding.

    Yes, Cobalt can send Main Playback sequence status information via OSC.
    You will need to enable OSC Send in Settings > Show Control and enter the IP addresses that should receive the commands.

    The OSC address is /mainplayback/label/a and /mainplayback/label/b, the argument is a string containing the preset number and the step text.
    This is sent automatically as the current step changes.

    You can also send a "/refreshstatus" command to Cobalt to trigger an immediate send of the current values for all supported status information.

    Cobalt does not support any kind of 'subscription' OSC API, it will always send everything.

  • I have tried to test this with the offline editor, since I have no longer acces to the console, but there is no OSC or UDP data visible on the network (as tested with Wireshark). Could it just be the offline editor or is this a bug?

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