Cobalt & Capture Polar


I just instaled the cobalt software on my congo kid.

I have a problem to connect capture polar to cobalt.

I didn't find where I can set up the AVAB

IPX and the visualisation.

(It workd without pb with the congo software)

Another question is about the choice between congo and cobalt.

I Would like to know when exactly I have to use the F1 or F2 keys when it starts.

Thanks a lot for yours tips.



  • Hi there -

    IPX is unfortunately no longer supported by Windows (Windows 7 and newer operating systems), so it has been removed from the Cobalt software. You can connect to visualizers using sACN or ArtNet or ETCNet2 protocols.

    If the bidirectional communication is required to start programming your show, you could setup your show using the older Congo software, then move into Cobalt afterwards.

    Thanks much -