2 seperate playback wings on a congo jr


I'm running 2 2x10 universal fader wings on a Congo jr. I can change pages on first wing but not the second one. I've read that you can join them together but it would be useful to keep them separate. How do I change pages on the second wing?

Many thanks


  • Congo has separate page-change buttons for each bank of 20 Masters, and each Bank can be independently set to any Page you like

    On a Congo jr, the page keys for each bank of 20 are the softkeys {Page 1-20}, {Page 21-40}, {Page 41-60} and {Page 61-80}.

    Use these softkeys combined with the Page +/- softkeys to change page up and down on each individual Bank, or "# {Page x-y}" to set a Bank directly to Page #.