Congo Power Off

Hi all.

Has I told before we've got a Congo Sr that we bought in 2005 and now has the Cobalt v 7.3.1.

Yesterday during an event on the main venue of my theatre the most strange thing happen to me. For 2 times in a space of 10/15 minutes the console turn off like someone press the power button.

The first time was when we are opening the doors to public came in to their seats. At this time I just had press the Browser key and the console turn off. Have to wait almost 4 minutes to power on and then a window asking if I want to use the Recovery file appears. I say Yes and when everything is ok to start work with console I saw that everything that I do on the las 30 minutes isn't there. Not the first time that this recovery window appears but first time that all the changes and presets I've recorded aren't there.

The second time was about 10 to 15 minutes after and at that time I was the nearest person to console and I was about 1.5/2 meters of the console. It just turn off. At this time someone has making a speach and when console re-restart all the moving lights went to their home position. So my Director continue his speach but only with the public lights of the venue.

After this the console stays on till the end of this event.

We've got this console + 1 monitor + Congo Jr and monitor connected to an UPS since a long time ago never with problems. 

Now the questions:

- I know that the console has an internal ups but problably at this time isn't ok. So can the internal ups provoque this power off???

- When the Recovery window appears isn't supposed to have the last modifications that we did on the last 30 minutes just before we save the show?? 

- Is there a possibility that the hardware of this "old" console have some conflicts with the Cobalt v7.3.1??


Pedro Alves

  • Hi Pedro,


    Congo Senior Hardware shouldn't have any such issues running Cobalt v7.3.1

    It appears your Congo simply has a faulty Hardware issue.

    Please contact your dealer or the local ETC Office and get it to them for some maintenance and repair.

    For technical support in the Americas, please call 608/831-4116, or toll-free in the U.S. at 800/688-4116.
    For technical support in Europe, please call (+44) 20 8896 1000.
    For technical support in Germany, please call (+49) 8024 4700-0
    For technical support in Asia, please call (+852) 2799 1220.


    Have a good evening,