Can the Congo KID be able run separate shows?

I am researching into a way to make it easier for our programmers of our Sunday gatherings and our Student ministry to be able to create their own shows, but my question is it possible for the Congo KID console to have separate logins or a way to have two separate shows to where each "event" can have its own master live feels with assigned patching? I know it seems a little confusing, but really is it capable of having two separate "logins"? Similar to a computer per say......

  • There is not a separate "login" option per se, but you could achieve the same results by saving two different shows with the appropriate settings for each. Alternately, if you are only changing the master assignments, you could take advantage of Master Pages and change the page for each "login."

    Finally, if you are always starting with the same patch (likely if it is the same room) you could create a default show file as your base point and include things like your patch, palettes, etc. that your students could use as the base of their new show. This is available in the Browser>Files>Default Play Wizard.