Congo jr with midi play back

Hi all,

I use a large Congo desk for some shows we had and now started looking at the Congo jr we own. It's on update 6.4.0.

Ive been trying to get it working with a midi controler as play back wing as we don't own an actual wing but got no where.

The midi I'm using is a Kenton control freak live with 16 faders.

I would like to use this as a play back wing for some gigs as the other Congo is a bit too big to take and wondered how I would be able to and wondered if any one would be able to help.

I would like it to hopefully work as a wing so I can assign groups and effects to it but can't get the two to connect.

I know it's a basic question but I'm new ish to Congo and midi so thought I'd ask. Hope some one can help.

Many thanks


  • Is this a Midi controller or a Midi-USB device? Midi-USB will not work because you can't load a driver for it. The Midi-USB devices can work with a PC or MAC running Nomad.
    If it is regular Midi, then the controllers will be mapped o Midi notes and the console needs to be set up to receive them. Check the manual for Midi implementation.
    Good luck,