channel times

Hi all-

   I am doing a song with a channel time in it....

the delay out is 47

out is 0.1

delay in is 47

in is 0.1

i have 4 ch times

1. keys 2chs delay 0 time is .1

2. strings 2chs delay is 11 time is 1

3. red b 3chs delay is 23 time is 1

4 red s 6chs delay is 36 time is 1


so when i hit go the keys dont go in 0.1 they wait till the delay out of 47 is reached the other 3 ch times are fine.

so i had to do this

1. keys 2chs delay 0.5 time is .0.5

2. strings 2chs delay is 12 time is 1

3. red b 3chs delay is 24 time is 1

4 red s 6chs delay is 37 time is 1

is there some thing i have to do differnt to be able for the ch to go on 0.1 not wait 0.5??

the reason i have delay in and out is i have lights that have to wait.

  • I am guessing that the keys are taking the step delay of 47 because the delay for the channel is set to zero (which in time is usually the default).  You said that you made the delay 0.5 did a delay of 0.1 not work?

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  • I have not tried this, but I would suspect a channel delay of 0.1, with a channel time of 0.1 would work. I suspect the reason your original timings don't work is because a time (or delay) of zero means no time set, not snap, or no channel delay set, not a channel delay of 0 seconds.

    Hope this helps (and that I'm correct!)



  • so i did a delay time of .1 and it worked.. how come if i dont do a delay time it doesn not go with the ch time??

  • "Channel Delay = 0" means "No channel delay - use main crossfade timing"

    So it will use the delay of the main crossfade, then the specific fade time for that channel.

    Within Congo, a "0" for timing always means "Use default value" - it then looks upwards through the chain of settings until it finds a non-zero value, eventually reaching the Default Go Time for In/Out timing, Zero for Delay and Infinite for Wait.

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