Running ETC Lustr Ser 2 on Congo ver.6.0.4?

Hey guys,

I have a show in a location tomorrow, where they have ETC Lustr2. Sounds easy so far.

Now I am programming the show on our Congo, where we are still running ver. 6.0.4 (reasons below).

The problem:

I am building a template for the Lustrs.

Lustr has the color parameter "Lime", which I don´t have in my parameters.

My Questions:

Is there any way to get it into my parameters? Does it really matter at all - it´s just a name, right?

Or does anyone have a template for that?

Which is the latest fixture bibliotheque for my version?

I know that I could also update my console to the latest version running on Win XP (I think it´s7.3) - hoping, this contains the lustrs.

But I am a bit afraid to lose all my programming from the last years. Can this happen?

Questions, questions, questions...

But I really need your help!

Thanks and greetings...


  • v7.3.1 does indeed already contain all the Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures, including colour calibration data for the colour picker in ML Controls Dock.

    We publish fixture library updates every few weeks that are compatible with software version 7.1 onwards.

    We very much recommend updating to v7.3.1.

    Cobalt will always load all show files from older versions.
    Any cases where some settings may need updating are documented in the release notes, eg when a new setting or option is added as the default value may not be the one you prefer.

    For v6.x to v7.x, there are two changes to be aware of:

    • MIDI Action Macro syntax now requires a prefix specifying which MIDI port to output from (0 for local, 1 thru for Show Control Gateway MIDI ports)
    • Channel Delays in "%" are now derived from the "In" time of the step instead of the "In Delay", for consistency with Attribute delay times.

    Obviously Congo v6 will not be able to load everything from a v7.3.1 showfile, though it will get most of them.

  • Hey Richard! Many thanks. But doesn´t 7.3.1 Need Win 7? Upgrading the Hardware is quite expensive I was told.

    Do you know, which is the last Version for XP?

  • 7.3.1 is the latest for XP

    v8 requires Win7 or nwer