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FAQ - Congo jr

Q: How is Congo jr different from Congo?

A: The Congo jr console is a smaller version of the Congo – small enough to fit in a standard equipment rack on a shelf. While it uses the same software as Congo and has the same features, channel and output counts, the user interface is smaller and the Master Playback faders are contained in an optional wing. Most of Congo's features can be accessed on the smaller console, though some features may require navigating some layers of softkeys or pages of buttons to access. Also, Congo jr supports two video outputs while Congo supports three. There are additional physical controls on Congo that are not available on Congo jr, such as the split rate controllers on the Main Playback, the dedicated Master Playback controls and dedicated Direct Select keys and LCD displays.


Q: Can I use Congo jr to back up a Congo console?

A: Yes. It is important to make sure that the Congo jr has the same number of outputs as the Congo console it is backing up.


Q: How many outputs will Congo jr support?

A: The same as Congo – starting at 1,024 (two universes), you can upgrade Congo jr to 6,144 (12 universes) just the same as Congo. Output upgrades are available in 256-output blocks and consist of an upgrade code entered into software. There is no hardware upgrade required for the console, however you may need to acquire DMX distribution hardware (ETCNet2 DMX Nodes, ETC Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways, tt E-Gate Nodes, or others) if you are not going to connect directly to network-controlled devices.


Q: What functionality do I get with a Master Playback Wing?

A: The Master Playback Wing adds the 40 Master Playback faders and keys, as well as two graphical LCD displays for labelling the masters. In addition, the wing provides access to the Direct Selects on those same keys and LCD displays with the press of a button. The wing may be connected directly to either side of the console and secured with screws for permanent installation. Alternatively, the wing may be used with the console independently via a USB cable (included). When used independently, a separate power adaptor (also included) must be used for the wing.


Q: Can I connect more than one wing to the Congo jr console?

A: Not at the moment. Congo jr supports only one wing. Also, the wing is only compatible with Congo jr – it has no function with a Congo console, client or offline PC.


Q: What kind of remote focus unit can I use with Congo jr?

A: Initially, the phone remote is the remote focus unit available for Congo jr. Any standard cordless phone can be used with Congo or Congo jr for basic remote control. Look out for the new Radio Remote Focus Unit in early 2007.