Selecting all Channels in a Palette

Hi y'all, 

Version 5.1 Congo Sr here. I can't seem to select all channels in a Palette via the CH/ID + [Direct Select] shortcut. Is this unique to me? And is there a long version of this command that I'm missing? Searched the v5.0 manual, failed. 



  • Hello Anne,

    These should work:

    - To select all channels that have data stored in a palette: # CH & FOCUS (or COLOR or BEAM or ALL PALETTE).
    # is the number of the palette.

    - To select all channels currently in a palette: CH & Direct Select (key of the palette).

    - To select all channels with a level above zero that are currently in a palette: ALL & Direct Select (key of the palette).


    The best way to find these syntaxes is in the manual under Console Keys > Console Key Shortcuts.
    Everyone is adviced to check out this chapter, it lists about all syntaxes in Congo!