Chase/step times 'stuttering'

Hi Guys,
We've been working with version 6.04 and have noticed that times don't seem as smooth as V5 when doing chases. It was most obvious on our LED devices at first, due to their virtually instant on/off times, but is noticable on our generic lamps.

For example:
Make a standard sequence chase, 3 steps, with a time of 0.1 (in/out) for each step. Watch it run for a while and you'll notice that occasionally you'll see it 'stutter'. The time between one step occasionally gets shorter or longer enough to notice the difference.

With our LED's we noticed the same thing when doing colour chases i.e. between Red, Green & Blue, so it doesn't appear to apply to just Intensity, but attributes as well. This is also obvious by watching the colourwheel on the display; it's obviously not smooth.

I'm aware that there's been a change with decimal resolution ( .1 to .01) etc. but I'd have expected things like chases & fades to get smoother, not show up like this.

Is there any setting in the desk that could adjust this 'stuttering'?
Full size Congo, currently V6.04