Assigning a reference point as a focus palette

I'm still getting used to Augment3d, so was curious if it's possible to do this thing that'd make it much easier for me to create adaptable models for some of the touring work I do:

I want to assign some focus palettes to "Lock on" to a set of reference points, or objects. (I feel like it'd make more sense to have them be a specific thing, like reference points, so there's less ambiguity where the beam is hitting)
This way, I can program on the fly with the visualiser before I get to the venue, use FPE to position the fixtures in my model appropriately, but then when the set pieces in my model are inaccurate (ie; when set pieces and things have to get re-positioned to adapt the show to different stages and settings) I would like to be able to move the set-pieces in Augment3d, or the reference points attached to them, and have all the focus palettes I have created to point at those set-pieces automatically update to the objects new location (because the palettes are referencing the point, not the raw xyz data).

That way I'd be able to adapt the work to new theatres and spaces quickly, do lots of prep in the visualiser before I arrive, and also still have a functional visualiser in the theatre that matches what I see on stage.

Is this possible to do already (I can't seem to find the ability in the program or the manual anywhere)? If not, I'll chuck it in feature requests.