• Tap tempo on a bump button

    • Planned for Future on
    Hi, Can you please make it possible to assign a bump button to control the tempo of an effect using tap tempo? Thanks
  • Automark Enable/Disable on a List-By-List Basis

    Proposing the ability to turn on/off Automark on a list-by-list basis rather than globally. For example: Main list wants to be manually marked, so it makes sense to keep auto mark off. Secondary list controls only followspot color - would be nice...
  • Please add the ability to label channels in live.

    • Planned for Future on
    Please add the ability to label channels in live.
  • Magic Sheet undo

    • Planned for Future on
    Please add "undo" to the magic sheet. At least esc key should disconnect any movement I have begun. If I start to drag something and realize I don't want to, currently I'm stuck with what I started and have to undo it by hand, sometimes by recreating...
  • @ LAST enter. Recalls last intensity above zero.

    Ex. Channel 1201 @ last. Will bring that channel to the last value it was above zero.
  • Moving Light Paths in Augment3d

    • Planned for Future on
    This is similar to one mentioned earlier, but a bit different. When using moving lights (over a turntable, for example), it would be great to be able to use an Augment3d tool to be able to track very specific paths. I would think that the console could...
  • Layers in Magic Sheets

    • Planned for Future on
    As in graphics apps, the ability to make objects unselectable unless on the layer being edited.
  • Gobo Search Tool In Gobo Library

    • Planned for Future on
    To my best knowledge there is no gobo search tool in the database window of patch in EOS Beta 274. This would be very helpful because on libraries like the Rosco gobo library there are a lot of gobos and I can't tell which is which.
  • Magic Sheets For IOS and Android

    I think it would be really awesome to be able to have magic sheets on a mobile device. It might also be nice to have them be available on a web portal. -Campbell
  • There should be a quicker way in Patch to choose a different mode of the same fixture without having to do a full search.

    Right now, if you have a Fixture in Mode A and you want to change it to Mode F...you likely have to go back into Search, retype the name, find that fixture, expand the hierarchy, etc etc. Can be a big pain especially if you are troubleshooting with different...