Planned for Future

Tap tempo on a bump button


Can you please make it possible to assign a bump button to control the tempo of an effect using tap tempo?


  • To expand on this, would it be possible for:

    Effect time to be assigned to a Global FX master (currently you can limit the control of a GFXM to a selection of effects in the menu of the GFXM, but it would be nice to assign the Speed of the effect to a GFXM in the effects menu)

    Cue time/cue list time to be assigned to a Global FX Master

    Making it possible to sync multiple cue lists and effects at the same rate.

    --- Could we also have modifiers to clue lists/effects assigned to a Global FX Master that would allow for further adjustments of rate, such as speeding up or slowing down by a factor of 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32

    The BPM/tempo master would then link to, or a user selection, of Global FX Masters. The BPM/tempo master should be able to be mapped to a fade or function independently as a single tap button. The BPM master should be able to be set by a macro; so that a user could set the BPM masters BPM by a cue’s execute command.

    Thank you!

  • This could be expanded into having speed groups that can be mapped to a fader. The Tap to BPM button can be it's default key.

  • Hey there, are there new informations about it? Looking forward to it. Thanks a lot!

  • Yes, this is high on our list and already SCR'd.  Not to be expected in 3.0 though.   Thanks much!