Planned for Future

Moving Light Paths in Augment3d

This is similar to one mentioned earlier, but a bit different.

When using moving lights (over a turntable, for example), it would be great to be able to use an Augment3d tool to be able to track very specific paths. I would think that the console could do that math with all the advances in Augment3d, and calculate a way to do a direct path or a bezier curve to get from one focus point to another, without adjusting the pan and tilt so specifically to get the path we want. It would be great to have it be visual with the arc, curve, or line represented in Augmented to track those paths.

(I'm currently working on a show where we're tracking actors around a turntable, but we're making several intermediate points to try to track them to keep the actors in the tight special. Also thinking about times when the moving light is hung at a different angle than the line an actor is walking, and we end up with an arc instead of the line.)