There should be a quicker way in Patch to choose a different mode of the same fixture without having to do a full search.

Right now, if you have a Fixture in Mode A and you want to change it to Mode likely have to go back into Search, retype the name, find that fixture, expand the hierarchy, etc etc. Can be a big pain especially if you are troubleshooting with different modes. There should be a shortcut to get to all the other modes of the selected fixture. This could be accomplished many way...if you select a channel and click on the Search tile...if that channel already has a fixture the very top of the list before "AAdyn Technology" there is a category called "Selected" or "Current" that allows you to immediately expand that fixture type you already have selected and select a different mode very easily. 

I thought I saw something like this while playing in 3.0 but now I can't find it. Did I imagine it?