Macro to fire OSC string

Hello all, 

I am using OSC on our next show and would like to do the 'send and OSC string on a per-cue basis' (as opposed to the every cue version)

I used the ETC article to set it up ( and it works and everything is happy. 

I would like to have a macro to do most of the button pushing (typing the whole command out is kind of a slog). 

So ETC’s example is [Cue] [5] {Execute} {More SK} {String} /cue/17/start [Enter]
I would like my macro to say Cue Execute String CLEAR_TEXT /cue/ Wait_For_Input /start Enter
Or some version of that so the only buttons we are pushing are the actual sound cue number we want. 
I am able to put together a macro that looks right, but when adding in the input I have to use the keyboard and I have to enter, which means I only get part of the command in the external links column. 
example of my macro

What that macro gets me (the '/start' is missing)

Has anyone done this before or have any ideas?