Send UDP from Magic Sheet Command - Incorrect Null Character appended?

 I'm trying to used magic sheet buttons to send UDP strings and have noticed some inconsistencies between Magic Sheet Commands and strings via External Links in Cues.  Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like a bug.  

It seems like two issues:

 1. The Magic Sheet Command is sanitizing user input in a way that Cues (and presumably other objects that can send strings) do not.

 2. UDP sent from a magic sheet command does not use the default terminations    

Example string:  "udp:pst act test01"  

Receiving device receives the following:  

Via Cue: " pst act test01\r\n" (terminal chars 0d 0a)    

Via Magic Sheet Command: "pst act test01\00" (terminal char 00)        

If I attempt to override the default terminal characters as  described in the online manual I receive the following results:  

"udp:pst act test01\x0D"  Receiving device receives the following:  

Via Cue: " pst act test01\r" (terminal chars 0d)    

Via Magic Sheet Command: "pst act test01\\x0D\00" (escaped special char, followed by terminal char 00)  

Am I missing something in the magic sheet command or is it broken?