Fixture broken - GLP x4 Bar10 normal


a few days ago i had a realy hard time with a GLP Bar10 in normal mode.(no MC mode)

No light would be outputted even though all intenses were at full.

  • I only had 1 - 2 minutes. Than we changed over to compressed mode and than it worked out.

With the struggled in my head, i tryed again on Capture right now...

It's still not doing any output.


If i use the 3Cell mode, it works (on Capture at least). The Job is done, so i can't research any more. Because i don't have the fixture at my hand...

What i can say is this:

The fixture in the Desk looks good. Checked it today. I also managed to use tilt and zoom at the job.

The only thing that wasn't working, was the intensity.

Maybe some other person can check again and figure something out.



  • I forgot.

    Using software v2.8.3

  • Hi Mathilda, 

    It looks like the Normal mode for this profile uses a master intensity on DMX ch 12 and other intensities on DMX ch 10, 29, and 25. The Compressed mode, however, uses a single intensity parameter on DMX 11. If you are able to control intensity correctly in Compressed mode you should not be able to do the same in Normal mode for the same fixture without changing the mode on the back of the fixture to Normal. I believe this is a mismatch between fixture mode and profile mode chosen in Eos. 



  • I tryed some thing out. But only in Capture. (using normal mode)

    If i rearange some thinks in the fixture, it working better.

    First of all, the manual is specking of 3 Set.

    And one normal intensity.

    So, i made the Master Int into a normal 'Intensity'

    The Intensity (DMX10) became a Intensity1

    and the Colors maybe changed as well...

    After setting int1 thr int3 @ full, the fixture was outputting as expected.

    And the difference between normal and compresses, you wrote.

    I know that i haveto change the mode in the fixture too. That was what we did, after it dind't worked.