Multiple fixture requests

Hi there!

I'd like to request some fixtures to be added into the fixture library:

Manufacturer Fixture Manual Page DMX-Info Page specs Notes
Stairville maTrixx SC-100 manual 30 35 /
Stairville AFH-600 manual 28 30 /
Stairville MH-250S manual 15 18 Information is in English, although the rest of the manual is in German.
The sentence below the diagram translates to 
"Chanel 8 only for MH 250S (this is the case)"
Feel free to notice me in case you need translation for the specs.
Stairville AF-250 Fog Machine manual 36 37 /
ADJ SP-1500 MKII manual 6 8 /
Cameo Wookie 200 RGY manual 25 36 The Wookie series is partly already in the library.
Maybe it would be nice to include the whole series?
eurolite LED H2O RGB 10W DMX Spot manual 17 18 You don't need to... 

Thanks a whole lot in advance! 
If I should provide the manuals as files, no problem, please tell me. 

It would be cool - although not necessary - to have all those profiles by the second week of December this year. Slight smile