SOS SOS Live/Park/Bling Problems

Left Theatre 3 hours ago and designer was setting up some cues. Just called me to say some very weird things are happening. Apparently (I hope I get this right - I can't check until the morning) The PARK and BLIND lights keep coming on. Yet he claims he can see changes to lights on the stage (in Blind?) but he can't save cues. If he presses the LIVE button though he can't see lights change but he can save cues. I'm not that experienced  that I can remotely fix stuff like this so he switched off and I will go in.  its that PARK and BLIND that he keeps getting in the way. What, how the PARK button lights up is totally foreign to me. Any ideas on where to start with the in the morning would be appreciated. 

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  • Went in early this am. 1st thing I saw when console (ELE2) came up was 1/ PARK button was lit and 2/ several fixture icons in MS had a "p" above them! I did a [Park] x 2 to see that display, and then [Park] [Enter] to get the offending channels out of park. Went back to live and things  returned to normal. I'm at a loose end as to how someone can inadvertently park a large number of lights. 

    Question (I have never used park): if any channels are purposely parked will the PARK button always lit?

  • If any channels (or addresses) are parked (purposely or accidentally) the Park key will be lit, and along the top of every monitor on the right hand side it will say "Parked Channels", "Parked Addresses" or "Parked Channels/Addresses".

    You can park a channel in a few ways:

    Park Park Chan 1 at Full (note that you don't need to type enter, since park is a blind display)

    Chan 1 at Full Park Enter

    Chan 1 Park Enter

    Similarly, you can park an address in a few ways:

    Park Park Address 1 at Full (note that you don't need to type enter, since park is a blind display)

    Address 1 at Full Park Enter

  • I'm not at theater right now but if someone were in live and selected a pile of fixtures in the MS so we got something like "34 thru 60" in the command line and then [Park] [Enter] would 1/ it assume zero intensity and park and 2/ go into blind automatically? Forgot to mention that this am I also found several lights FL when console came up which were parked in full. It appears this designer is hitting the park key on a regular basis.

    The [Park][Park] followed by a channel list looks like it might be open to finger problems without that confirmatory enter.

    I'm going in later to watch what happens.  

  • Assuming you are in live for this...

    1/ it assume zero intensity

    No - it will park them at whatever value they are showing in live. So if Channels 34-59 are at 0, and Channel 60 is at Full it will park them at those values.

    2/ go into blind automatically?


  • OK getting there.  am trying to find the action that would requite the least ACCIDENTAL key key strokes to park stuff. Not sure then now, where his Blind comes in. Hope to know more later

  • To finish this off. Yep Op somehow hit PARK whilst several fixtures selected in MS and I guess hit record. Explained your notes and how to clear things up and rile #1: Always watch the command line to make sue you are getting what you want. He is happy. His parting comment "By the way, what were all those little "p"s above the lights in the MS!!!!

  • "By the way, what were all those little "p"s above the lights in the MS!!!!

    Eos is really good about giving you contextual clues as to why things might be misbehaving.

    Here's a list of colors, and what they mean:

  • Yep. Thar remark was from a guy who accidently parked a load of stuff and wondered why things didn't work properly!

  • The thing that might explain getting in blind and parking things that you don’t want, is a park button that is stuck. If you double tap park you end up in blind. Maybe you should check that key in the hardware test.

  • Ouch! After my 1st post a week back I was afraid to mention that while punching in stuff I (very luckily) caught that dreaded word Park in the CL. I swear I didn't go anywhere near it. Even then I may have thought a stuck button was far fetched but within a month or so of our new board arriving the GO button started to seriously play up to the point we had to send the unit back. Then, some months after that the same button went awol again! This time ETC Kindly sent me the appropriate PCB and Buttons to fix myself rather then keep packing and shipping big boxes. Sooooooo! next time in I will run diagnostics. Thanks very much for the input - though I was gping nuts. Thank you.